New Patient Appointments

Dr. Shadid is not currently accepting new patients at this time.

Dr. Shadid has an application process for new patients inquiring about intake and consultation appointments. Patients may download the new patient forms below and return them via email to or fax to 303-459-7827. Due to the high volume of new patient inquiries, it is not possible for Dr. Shadid to return calls until the new patient forms have been completed and received. Please allow one week for Dr. Shadid to review new patient forms and get back with potential new patients. You may view the Psychiatric Services page to view all of the psychiatric disorders Dr. Shadid treats, as well as Integrative and Holistic treatment approaches she provides. You may view the Office Policies page to view all of Dr. Shadid's office policies regarding office hours, insurance reimbursement, prescription policy. New patient appointments are currently scheduling four to six weeks from the time new patient forms are received.

Download New Patient Forms

Once the New Patient Forms have been received, Dr. Shadid will contact you to schedule a 15-20 minute phone conference. This call is provided to answer any questions you may have for Dr. Shadid about the intake or consultation appointment, her Integrative Psychiatry practice and/or approach to mental health treatment, as well as to schedule your intake appointment.

The New Patient Intake/Consultation appointment is a 120 minute appointment in-office. The first hour of appointment will be an evaluation of the present and past medical and psychiatric history, and the second hour of appointment will be a discussion of a personalized treatment plan and recommendations for the patient. The fee for this two hour appointment is $750. Half of the appointment fee will be collected at the time of scheduling the appointment, and the remaining balance will be collected on day of appointment. Patients will need to present for their initial appointment 15 minutes prior to appointment time to finish their new patient paperwork. It is recommended that patients bring all current medication and supplement bottles to this appointment, so Dr. Shadid can evaluate for potential medication-substance-supplement drug interactions.

This first appointment may be a one-time consultation appointment, or may be the intake appointment for ongoing treatment. For ongoing treatment, the frequency and duration of follow-up appointments can vary depending on the particular patient's treatment plan. Some patients will see Dr. Shadid more frequently, such as every 1-4 weeks for psychotherapy with or without medication management. Other patients may see Dr. Shadid every 1-6 months for medication management appointments. And some patients may see Dr. Shadid for a few appointments for specialty assessments (such as genetic, hormone, nutrition, neurotransmitter evaluations, etc), and then continue management with their in-network providers.