New Patient Appointments


In addition to being a board certified Adult Psychiatrist (MD, ABPN), Dr. Shadid is a board certified specialist in Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM) and Functional Medicine (CFMP, ABAARM, FAAMFM-Advanced Fellow), and can be quite different in mental health evaluations and medical treatment approaches than other psychiatrists, and in such, she spends more time with her patients, and sees her patients more frequently than other psychiatrists for her consultation services.

Dr. Shadid has an application process for patients inquiring about New Patient Appointments. When Dr. Shadid is accepting new patients into her practice, patients may request the New Patient Application at, and return them via email to, fax to 303-459-7827, or mail to office address at 600 S. Cherry Street, Suite 225, Denver, CO 80246. The office manager will contact patients once their new patient application has been received and Dr. Shadid has reviewed it to schedule your appointment.

This application packet can seem extensive for some patients, but not others if they are familiar with Integrative, Holistic and Functional Medicine Practitioners. It is recommended before you take the time to fill out this paperwork, that you either review the Psychiatric Services and Office Policy pages on this website, and/or call the office to speak to the office manager regarding these Psychiatric Services and Office Policies if you have any questions about Dr. Shadid's practice.

The New Patient Intake/Consultation appointment is a 3-hour appointment typically in-office (HIPAA-compliant telehealth appointments are available after the initial New Patient Appointment). Patients should expect two hours face to face with Dr. Shadid in this new patient consultation appointment. Dr. Shadid will spend one hour reviewing patient's intake packet and any additional lab work provided from patient's other providers from the last few years. Patients should expect to spend 30-60 minutes with Dr. Shadid's office manager in preparation for this appointment. Our office manager is here to help patients with any initial questions they may have regarding Dr. Shadid Functional Neuropsychiatry Medicine practice, help scheduling this appointment, and reviewing paperwork matters.

The first half of the appointment will be an evaluation of the present and past medical and psychiatric history, and the second half of appointment will be a discussion of a personalized treatment plan and recommendations for the patient. Because Dr. Shadid practices Integrative Psychiatry with a Functional Medicine approach, typically, new medications are not started at the New Patient Appointment, as specialty lab work is usually ordered first to better understand the etiology/cause of your mental health symptoms (such as Hormones Labs, Genetic Testing, Gastrointestinal Health Evaluations, or Neurotransmitter Testing, etc).

This is done in order to appropriately evaluate your mental health symptoms or neuropsychiatric symptoms and to ensure the best personalized treatment approach for your specific needs. Follow-up appointments will occur anywhere from every 3 weeks to 3 months depending on which Functional Neuropsychiatry services are being provided, and depending on the patient's mental health status and functioning.

Because Dr. Shadid is triple board certified and is considered a specialist in Integrative Medicine and Functional Neuropsychiatry, she does not perform conventional abbreviated 15-20 minute medication management appointments (the type of appointments held by the majority of psychiatric providers). Patients who are looking for this type of mental health treatment will be better served with a different psychiatric provider than Dr. Shadid.