Dr. Nicole Shadid is a board certified adult psychiatrist providing integrative and holistic mental healthcare treatment. She practices Mind-Body Medicine using integrative approaches of conventional medications and psychotherapy with complementary holistic methods to improve psychiatric symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar and attention/cognition disorders. Integrative and holistic modalities of treatment emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection in psychiatry, and include interventions such as Psychotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, Adaptogen Supplements or Herbals, Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques, Exercise or Yoga Therapy, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, as well as Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques.

Dr. Shadid believes traditional psychopharmacology or medication management of psychiatric symptoms can be an important part of the treatment plan, but believes medications alone will neither address nor treat all causes of psychiatric symptoms. She believes evaluation and treatment of all components, including co-occurring medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, diet and nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle patterns, stress management or coping skills, psychological factors or conflicts, medication effects and drug interactions, and genetic and hereditary components are imperative to address for successful treatment of mental health symptoms.

Using integrative and holistic treatment approaches allows us to minimize the number of psychiatric medications needed and/or reduce the dose of medications that patients usually require for depression, anxiety, bipolar and attention/cognition disorders.

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