Dr. Nicole Shadid MD, ABIHM is a board certified adult psychiatrist providing integrative and holistic mental healthcare treatment. Dr. Shadid treats Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety or Panic Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attentional Deficit Disorders, Cognitive Disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Personality Disorders, as well as provides psychotherapy, diet and nutrition counseling, stress management and relaxation counseling, and lifestyle modification counseling to improve mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

Dr. Shadid practices Integrative and Holistic Medicine to assess and treat the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual causes of psychiatric symptoms. She uses integrative approaches of conventional medications and psychotherapy with holistic modalities to improve psychiatric symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar and attentional disorders. Integrative and holistic modalities of treatment emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection in psychiatry, and include interventions such as Psychotherapy, Nutritional Counseling, Adaptogen Supplements or Herbals, Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques, Exercise or Yoga Therapy, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, as well as Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques.

Dr. Shadid believes traditional psychopharmacology or medication management of psychiatric symptoms can be an important part of the treatment plan, but believes medications alone will neither address nor treat all causes of psychiatric symptoms. She believes evaluation and treatment of all components, including co-occurring medical conditions, hormonal imbalances, diet and nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle patterns, stress management or coping skills, psychological factors or conflicts, medication effects and drug interactions, and genetic and hereditary components are imperative to address for successful treatment of psychiatric symptoms. Integrative and holistic treatment approaches minimize the number of psychiatric medications and/or reduce the dose of medications that patients usually require for depression, anxiety, bipolar and attentional disorders. 

Dr. Shadid serves as the Integrative Psychiatrist at the Wellness Treatment Center in Englewood, Colorado. The Wellness Treatment Center is an Intensive Outpatient Psychiatric Program and comprehensive treatment system for individuals with behavioral and mental health conditions. At this Integrative and Holistic Mental Health Center, she created and teaches the Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention course, which incorporates teachings of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Mood, Attention, Substance Use Disorders, as well as Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Relaxation approaches for mental health treatment. Dr. Shadid provides individual and group psychotherapy services incorporating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Behavioral Activation Therapy (BA), Mindfulness Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Dr. Shadid completed her Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the University of Colorado and received her Medical Degree (MD) from the University of Oklahoma. She completed her four year adult psychiatry residency at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Department of Psychiatry, and is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). Dr. Shadid has completed fellowship training in Integrative Medicine with the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). Dr. Shadid has served as Vice-Chairman of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Caucus of Integrative Psychiatry, which serves as a gateway between conventionally-trained psychiatrists and the rapidly growing integrative holistic medical community. Dr. Shadid completed a certification in Yoga Therapy and is a certified Yoga Instructor. She has conducted many workshops incorporating and teaching mindfulness and meditation practices, breathwork, and yoga techniques for treatment of mental health conditions and stress management purposes.

She has participated in research investigating the antidepressant effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) at the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) part of Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Shadid has further training in evaluation of brain neurophysiology in depression, anxiety, attentional and cognitive disorders by using innovative neuropsychiatric techniques such as Quantitative EEG (QEEG). She participated in research investigating psychiatric medication selection based on brain neurophysiology using Quantitative EEG at the Neuro-Therapy Clinic, Inc. Dr. Shadid has undergone specialist training and certification of Quantitative EEG by the International Society of Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) and Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Certification by Biofeeback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).

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Reviews from HealthGrades.com

Jeff in Denver, CO - Tuesday, 03 October, 2017 -

I have been seeing Dr. Shadid for years. She takes a complete approach to wellness to include nutrition, lifestyle, mindfulness and if needed, medication. I have recommended Dr. Shadid to close friends and know she will treat them professionally and compassionately. She is an excellent psychiatrist and I am thankful to have her as a provider.

Stephen in Arvada, CO - Friday, 05 May, 2017 -

Dr Shadid is the best Psychaitrist out there. I've seen healthcare professionals for a mental health condition for over 20 years. I like her holistic approach toward healing the mind, body, and spirit. In a short period of time, she has helped me tremendously with her insight.... very caring, attentive and insightful. Simply, best in class!

SR in Aurora, CO - Tuesday, 14 March, 2017 -

Dr. Shadid gave me the tools to put my life back on track. Her integrative approach is exemplar, and she does not push medication-- she makes sure to cover all alternatives before prescribing. She is passionate about making sure you understand why a particular medication is being prescribed, as well as the science of neuropsychiatric disorders. She provides multiple approaches, besides pharmacological ones to deal with your problems. I feel like I can deal with anything life throws at me now.

Joanna in Denver - Friday, 13 January, 2017 -

Dr. Shadid is easy to talk to, warm, and caring, and her level of professionalism is exceptional. I have total trust in her and the care that she's providing. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of psychiatric counseling. She provides so much more than what I've had in the past. Her approach is comprehensive and looks at all contributing factors.

Littleton, Colorado - Thursday, 16 February, 2017 -

Honestly has been the best psychiatric care I have ever received in the mental health process. Dr. Shadid is knowledgable, caring, and truly wants to put the patient first. I can't imagine going to any other health care professional! Before seeing her, I had been through awful appointments with various psychologists and other mental health providers that felt shaming and stigmatizing. Dr. Shadid has never made me feel ashamed of my condition, and I love her integrative approach to medicine.

Jennifer in Westminster, CO - Saturday, 14 January, 2017 -

I was at rock-bottom,distraught&in crisis. My past was complicated&I assumed I would continue to deteriorate&expected the worst for my future. Feeling normal again was something I had given up on. Dr. Shadid not only gave me hope that we would get me better, but provided me w/ countless resources&made it clear that she would not give up regardless of how difficult my condition. She immediately grasped the complexity of my symptoms &illness &implemented a plan specific to my illness. 100%life saver.

Aurora, Colorado - Friday, 13 January, 2017 -

Dr. Shadid provides a level of care that is unsurpassed. I feel fortunate to have found such an outstanding physician. She has played a critical role in changing my life for the better! I can't say enough good about her!

Taylor in Denver, CO - Tuesday, 16 May, 2017 -

I am so happy to have found Dr. Shadid. She offers an exceptional level of therapy, she cares about her patients, and she provides service with a very comfortable and warm approach. I have truly gotten a lot from my sessions with Dr. Shadid, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a psychiatrist in the Denver area!

Cheri in Aurora, CO - Tuesday, 03 January, 2017 -

Dr. Shadid literally saved my life. She is keen and insightful and was able to see me and understand me when other doctors could not help me. She picked the right medication for me and displayed patience and understanding regarding the fact that I am sensitive with medications. Dr. Shadid always treated me as a human being who is capable of health and well being. I have always felt cared for by her and like she is a partner in my healing. I will be forever gratefull for Dr. Shadid.

Denver, Colorado - Thursday, 16 March, 2017 -

I'm early in the process but appreciate Dr. Shadid's integrative approach to therapy. She's so open to using many different tools to help navigate through issues. It's a refreshing strategy and already I feel a positive shift in reactions and old ways of thinking. It's never easy but I feel optimistic that this work will yield positive results.

Englewood, Colorado - Thursday, 22 December, 2016 -

She was incredibly informative and provided me with an open and comfortable environment. It was my first visit and I immediately gained her trust and look forward to meeting with her again. She is very intelligent and friendly!

Conifer, CO - Wednesday, 13 April, 2016 -

Dr Shadid is the best psychiatrist and therapist there is! She listens, finds the key issues the patient has, and combats it with intelligent responses that really make me stop and think, and reevaluate my thought process. She's helped me learn so much more about myself and my condition, I know her help will benefit me for the rest of my life! She is kind, judgement free, knowledgable, experienced and professional. I recomend Dr. Shadid with the highest reviews!

MikP. in Boulder, CO - Saturday, 09 January, 2016 -

Dr. Shadid is a competent and compassionate doctor. I've had 4 other psychiatrists in the past that all seemed like they stopped studying medicine as soon as they graduated medical school and coasted through the rest of their career. Not Dr. Shadid! She is dedicated to finding the best method to deal with whatever your specific issues may be.

Pete in Denver, CO - Wednesday, 06 April, 2016 -

Intelligent, compassionate, patient. I'm very grateful for Dr. Shadid and her services.

Marybeth in Centennial, CO - Sunday, 21 October, 2018 -

Dr.Shadid is warm and compassionate. She is very knowledgeable and also up to date on alternative things like vitamin therapies, meditation, and various forms of behavior modification. She has been wonderful to me during my depression and helping me with my grief after the death of my daughter. I would recommend her to anyone needing the services of a psychiatrist. She is outstanding!

LHA in Lakewood, CO - Tuesday, 02 October, 2018 -

I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Shadid upon moving to Colorado about 3 years ago. She is so great at figuring out what medications and/or nutritional/holistic will work best for me. I feel that she makes sure she is up-to-date within her field she sincerely cares about her patients, she is a great listener, and she is always on time! I would recommend Dr. Shadid to anyone interested in a super well-rounded Psychiatrist.

Nancy in Denver, CO - Saturday, 30 June, 2018 -

When I first started seeing Dr. Shadid, I was in crisis. She helped me return to a normal/healthier state very quickly. I had seen other M.D.s who prescribed more meds to fix my situation; only making it worse. Dr. Shadid helped me learn how to cope with my anxiety, stress and lack of focus using an integrated approach as well as increasing my awareness of causes that exacerbate my conditions. She is a great listener, compassionate, down to earth and easy to talk to. I am so grateful to her!

JK in Denver, CO - Thursday, 12 January, 2017 -

Dr. Shadid is an intelligent, highly trained psychiatrist, expert in utilizing and integrating both well-established and innovative methods in the most advantageous treatments for her patients. She is a realistic, positive person, and a superior communicator who genuinely cares about her patients. I began seeing Dr. Shadid while experiencing extreme depression during hormone depravation and radiation treatments for cancer. She quickly stabilized me by establishing effective treatment through psychotherapy and medication management. I have continued working with her for an extended period after my illness. Through hard work and with Dr. Shadid’s professional insights and support, I am identifying and addressing issues and opportunities, and living a more healthy and creative life.